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Efficient agricultural business solutions from First4Farming

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First4Farming  specialises in providing effective business solutions for the improvisation of agriculture. First4Farming offers these business solutions by enhancing efficiency at various stages of agriculture supply chain. First4Farming has been providing these agricultural business solutions since 2000.

Technical solutions from First4Farming have been designed by effective implementation of powerful architecture in conjunction with Java based underlying software. B2B platform technical solution from First4Farming has been specifically developed for exchanging business documents and other related information with the respective trading partners. This exchange of information ensures high level of security as well as reliability. eHub forms the core element of this B2B platform. This is a document routing engine that has been incorporated for the examination of metadata sent along with files as well as business documents.

F4F middleware component from First4Farming is capable of managing whole range of tasks including file format transformation to encryption. B2B platform also comprises of several other components such as adapters and gateways, tracking and alerting engine as well as suite of web based supply chain management applications. The SCM suite has been specifically developed for cooperative working of trading partners.

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