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Supply Chain Management web based application suite from First4Farming

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First4Farming  offers a suite of web based applications. This suite includes Supply Chain Management series of web based applications. These web based applications have been specifically devised to enable cooperative working of trade partners. Supply Chain Management suite comprises of licensed modules that can be even used separately or in combination. These modules also enable to share the business information in secure way with the trading partners.

Different modules available in Supply Chain Management suite, from First4Farming, include price manager, inventory manager, transport manager and code manager. Price manager has been specifically incorporated in this suite for sharing price lists as well as price change proposals. Inventory manager module from First4Farming can be used for sharing of different quantities of product stocks. Transport manager enables the sharing of delivered loads as well as new delivery opportunities. Code manager module incorporated in Supply Chain Management suite has been specifically devised for trading partners to align product codes with delivery address codes.

Information can be fed into these modules by using F4G eHub. This suite, provided by First4Farming, also enables the sender to prescribe as to who can view this data. The sender also decides on the extent of time the data has to remain published on the net.

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