Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst, manufactured by Advanced Power Systems International is a pre-combustion fuel treatment device that treats petrol, diesel, kerosene,and propane on any size engine from small power equipment of less than 1 hp to engines pf 10,000 hp or more.


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20/12/12 - In recent times, Fitch Fuel Catalyst australia has received some great feedback from satisfied customers.
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18/05/12 - Users of the fuel catalysts by Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia vouch for the efficacy of the catalyst unit in enhancing the fuel efficiency, power and performance of their vehicles.
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07/03/11 - The Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia fuel treatments for marine engines have been designed to improve the combustion process in most engines, including vessels for marine applications.
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05/11/09 - For an original and genuine fuel catalyst that works on any engine and any fuel visit Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia.
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Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia (Head office) Update these details
P.O.Box 4351
Barrack Heights
NSW 2528
Tel: 02 4295 5949 / 0411 573 944
Fax: 02 4295 5949

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