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Here’s what bikers are saying about the Fitch fuel catalyst

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Users of the fuel catalysts by Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia  vouch for the efficacy of the catalyst unit in enhancing the fuel efficiency, power and performance of their vehicles.

The Fitch fuel catalyst is a metal alloy that permanently transforms hydrocarbon fuels to a superior quality fuel. A composite of a number of metals to form an alloy, the device offers several advantages to the vehicle user including easier engine starts, lower maintenance, reduced fuel cost per km, less pollution and increased engine life.

Greg Hirst, Editor of Motorcycle World, Daily Telegraph tested the catalyst in his Springer Softail Harley Davidson over 5000km and gained an extra 45km per tank.

John W of South Nowra, NSW tested the Fitch fuel catalyst in a 12-month-old BMW F650 Funduo with 32000km on the clock. The reserve has a normal range of 350km, which has increased to 420km. Benefits also include smoother running of the bike, easier starts when cold and less requirement for the choke.

Mike P of NSW and an Australian International Champion Speedway Rider says that the increase of power was unmistakable, with the Fitch fuel catalyst giving the extra power off the start line and out of the turns instantly.

According to WB Australia (BMW F650 Rotac), the test showed a 15.43% improvement in economy in addition to the bike picking up an extra 8.4 kph in top end performance speed.

Ivan Zdanowicz, another Fitch fuel catalyst user says that he has had the device in his car for about 1100km and is absolutely impressed with the improvement in fuel economy by about 1lt/100km around town and about 1.5 to 2lt/100km on the open road. 

In addition to the fuel efficiency, he says that the car no longer jerks when going downhill with the cruise control, and also maintains its speed much better. The catalyst has also eliminated a very unpleasant engine surge that he used to experience earlier.

Paula Gibson of Barrack Heights, Wollongong NSW, who recently purchased a Fitch fuel catalyst for her 2006 Toyota Corolla, is also very impressed with the results, as is her partner who had one fitted to his Camry Sportivo five years ago.  

Paula travels 25km to work and 25km back four times a week and has been able to save about 25% on fuel. She gets additional savings from filling in cheaper fuel and even the 10% ethanol fuel, as the Fitch purifies the fuel during the process. With lower emissions, she is happy doing her bit for the environment.

Increased power and improved performance are some of the other benefits she has noticed in her car after the installation of the fuel catalyst. Paula is also happy about the fact that the Fitch fuel catalyst can be simply removed from the older vehicle and put in a new vehicle as it has a 400,000km warranty.

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