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Recent testimonials for Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia

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In recent times, Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia has received some great feedback from satisfied customers. For example:

From Paula Gibson, Barrack Heights, Wollongong, NSW -

I recently purchased a Fitch Fuel Catalyst from you for my 2006 Toyota Corolla. I have to say I am impressed.

My partner has one fitted to his Camry Sportivo 5 years ago and he raves about it.

I travel approx 25 Km to work and 25 Km home each day four times a week and, although I thought I was getting the best result from my 4 cylinder car, I was wrong.

Since fitting it (Bill did as he lives in the same street as me) have saved around 25% on fuel. This allows me to now put the cheaper fuel and even the 10% ethanol fuel as the Fitch purifies the fuel during the process. So, not only do I save at the pump, I save more dollars with the extra Kilometres I now receive for fitting the Fitch to my car.

I have had it fitted now for approximately 3 months and the results are staggering. I even burn less emissions so I am helping the world too.

I noticed that the first time I drove the car after Bill had asked me to take it for a test run, that it had more power and has improved performance wise by approximately 5-10% as well.

Thank you Bill, all vehicles should have a look at the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. Not only does it make my fuel last longer and cuts down the emissions it blows into the atmosphere.

One of the best things is that the Fitch is transferable so when I purchase another car I can just put it on the new one and keep saving as it has the 400, 000 Kilometre warranty.

From Ron Murray & Paula Gibson -

I would like to send you this email to say how once again we were impressed by how the Fitch works.

After purchasing a new Mazda 3 recently we had Bill take the Fitch off the Toyota Corolla and replace it on the Mazda.

We went to Victoria for a week and were so happy with the performance and fuel economy giving us 7.4 litres per 100 km.

I know we gained around an 18% increase from the tank, we are spewing less of the bad emissions into the atmosphere so our grandchildren
will see more of this wonderful earth and saving money at the bowser, what more could you ask for.

Thanks Bill for introducing us to the Fitch so many years ago.

Every vehicle should have one.

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13/06/2013 - Yes, if you would be kind enough to email me I will send you proof, my email address is bill@fitchcatalyst.com.au, Looking forward to enlightening you to the benefits on offer by FITCH.

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