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Growers can achieve a greater return on their investment in fuel, fertiliser and seed by careful management, according to Flexi-Coil Australia’s manager, Steve Mulder.  Steve says that, by using the right equipment and techniques, growers can make every seed count, resulting in higher yields at harvest time. 

“Flexi-Coil’s air seeding systems allow you to place seed, fertiliser and other products precisely according to your property’s needs. Our extensive research in air delivery systems means your seed, fertiliser and other products are delivered more efficiently, gently and accurately,” said Steve. “The blend of air and product results in gentle, precise product metering right from the start. This is particularly valuable for farmers using treated or fragile seeds, because it minimises damage and avoids clumping, ensuring the seeds are distributed properly.”

It’s essential to seed to a consistent and correct depth to ensure maximum germination. Seeding to the optimum depth has its advantages to plant establishment. Seed planted too deep means the shoot utilises far more energy than necessary to emerge, which can lead to reduced yields. Too shallow and the seed may not have the opportunity to germinate.

“Seed at the correct depth needs good soil-to-seed contact, which increases and speeds up germination and emergence,” said Steve. “Separation between the seed and fertiliser, depending on the fertiliser rates, is required to avoid burning and toxicity, which ultimately leads to a thin crop. Ideally, growers need a seeding system that allows for horizontal or lateral separation of seed from the fertiliser. 

“Banding fertiliser under the row can help the crop to make better use of nutrients, because fertiliser placed in a band isn’t as tied up by the soil structure. Banding also lets you make better use of your fertiliser dollars and can reduce the chance of nutrient loss,” he added.

One of the major advantages of the Flexi-Coil air seeding system is its ability to accurately control seeding depth at the time of seeding, as well as accurately distributing fertiliser. Air control enables optimisation of air flow, dependent on the rate of product being applied. 

“The Flexi-Coil metering and air system is unique within the seeding industry and has set the standard for many years,” said Steve. “Our two- or three-tank design makes it easy to keep fertiliser and seed separate while allowing growers to distribute everything in one pass.”

Flexi-Coil’s air seeding systems allow you to monitor application rates precisely, place seed and fertiliser at exactly the rate you choose, and can grow with you as you expand your operation.

An agitator bar prevents bridging, so product is supplied at a consistent density to the meter roller. Product is divided into equal sections: one for each primary line in the distribution system. Finally, air and product are mixed in a parallel flow for a smooth transition from the meter box to the distribution system.

The 40 and 50-series air carts’ air velocity sensors allow you to monitor changes in air stream. The air velocity sensor lets you know what’s happening so you can consider the impact on how the product is carried through the distribution system. 

The rollers on Flexi-Coil’s air carts include: extra fine (for small-diameter products at low rates); fine (for most applications including cereal grains and metering moderate rates of fertiliser); coarse (for large seeds and high rates of fertiliser); and, finally, extra coarse (for very large, fragile seeds and very high rates of fertiliser).   Farmers can choose mechanical or variable rate metering. Variable rate is suitable for precision agriculture operations. 

Flexi-Coil’s air seeding systems are available now through your local Flexi-Coil dealer.

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