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Get ready for next season with Flexicoil's metering rollers

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With seeding time over, a maintenance check on all Flexi-Coil metering rollers is essential for next season. 

“The rollers are the heart of the metering system, so it’s vital to protect them over the storage months,” said Scott Boyle, Flexi-Coil Product Specialist. 

By following these six easy steps, the user can maintain the metering system in good condition and make it ready for next season.

  1. Remove the roller and check that the bearings turn freely 
  2. Check for any corrosion, which can be caused by residual fertiliser or moisture 
  3. Look for damage from stones or sticks that may have entered the grain tank
  4. Inspect the bearing seals and the end cap seals
  5. Turn the mid-mount bearing on the roller slightly - it should turn freely with just a minimal amount of resistance
  6. Store the rollers in the meter box according to the operator’s manual or in a sealed container to protect them from vermin and dust build-up.

Other end-of-season tasks include cleaning the machine down, storing under cover and releasing any hydraulic oil pressure.

For mechanical carts, remove drive chains and store in oil, and remove or disconnect the battery from variable rate carts, or make sure it is regularly charged.

User should always maintain and store the equipment according to the operator’s manual.

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