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Ultimate control with FlexControl from Flexi-Coil

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New FlexControl electronics from Flexi-Coil , keep users constantly updated on the performance of the precision seeding systems and enables them to take full advantage of variable rate metering. 

The latest version of the seeding system, FlexControl III, offers an easy-view colour 10 inch touch screen. The seeding systems are ISO 11783 compliant and lets the user choose which information is displayed. The seeding systems offer full compatibility between machines that meet the ISO 11783 standard including harvesters, tractors, sprayers and planters including guidance and monitoring machine functions.  

According to Flexi-Coil Australia Manager, Steve Mulder, “The system is upgradeable when new software is developed, so you don’t have to worry about losing time to update to a new system or learning how to use it.” 

FlexControl III seeding systems enables the user to vary seeding rates on the go, build in operator instructions like calibrations and settings, and receive pop up warnings and information and animated graphics make it easy to see what’s happening. Flash card compatibility also makes sure that transfering information to and from the monitor for storing and backing up your operation records is easy.

“Ensuring seed and fertiliser are placed at the right rates and correct depth means your crop has the best possible chance right from the start,” said Steve. “Technology like FlexControl gives you the built-in ability to be responsive to the unique conditions of your land and take full advantage of precision farming.”

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