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FlexidockTM Dry Docking System available from Flexitank

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Flexitank introduces an innovative dry docking system with the Flexidock TM. The Flexidock TM water control equipment enables any water based vessel to remain dry at water level in any situation.

Boat owners all experience the same obstacles in their yearly hull maintenances for they are costly and consist of environmentally harmful anti fouling. Flexitank recognises these challenges and designed a water management systems that was user friendly and reduced hull maintenance costs.

The FlexidockTM design features a completely flexible fabric based system, which centres on the inflatable tubing system that doubles as an inflatable fender system common on super yachts. The front and side sections are inflated through the automatic pump, creating a berth for the boat to enter.

The inflatable barrier system, flexible waterproof liner and aerated netting system, allows docked boat to remain completely dry in the water, which eliminates growth on hulls. The FlexidockTM also features wet/dry sensors water management system that even in the event of water or rain entering the sleeve, the boat’s hull will always remain dry.

The FlexidockTM, designed and manufactured by Flexitank, are a dry docking system suited for a range of boat and hull configurations with all types of boat entries, including forward and reverse.

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