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Flexitank (Australia) launch online store

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Flexitank  (Australia) have launched their online store and made niche plastic manufacturing more accessible and affordable.

Flexitank are well known for their range of flexible bladder tanks for off-road 4x4/SUV and marine/recreational use, along with static pillows for bulk liquid storage of up to 250,000 litres.

Flexitank Operations Manager, Gavin Hodgins says, “Our customer base told us they would like to purchase Flexitank products directly from us as well as buying them through our retails partners.”

Flexitank recently extended their range of flexible bladders to include inflatable marker buoys, salvage bags, marine fenders and fender covers. In addition, new flexible tanks for export packaging and spill control have been added to the online range and provided customers with their widest ever selection.

The online store uses SecurePay, secure payment services through NAB, to ensure the highest payment gateway security.

“By making our flexible tank solutions directly accessible we look forward to more direct communication with our customer base. This will allow us to develop the Flexitank products across different industries and offer our customers greater value for money,” Hodgins explains.

And Flexitank have launched the Flexitank (Australia) Facebook and Twitter pages to increase communication with their customer base even more.

“The scope of what we are able to manufacture is enormous and by interacting directly with our market and industry we will be able to develop our range even further. We want to use our social media pages to get feedback and ideas as well as letting our customers know about new Flexitank products and online specials,” says Hodgins.

New products to be launched soon include waterproof ‘tradie’ ute bags and fuel tanks for all fuel types (petrol, avgas and kerosene). Some other exciting products developments will be in the online store over the next eight weeks.

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