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Flexitank’s New Range of Black and Grey Wastewater Bladder Tanks Meet EPA Requirements

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article image Flexitank’s Black and Grey Wastewater Bladder Tank

Leading Australian manufacturer of drinking water and diesel tanksFlexitank offers a full range of black and grey wastewater holding bladders for marine vessels.  

The new Flexitank flexible bladder tanks designed to hold marine grey and black wastewater meet new EPA requirements.  

New EPA rules now stipulate that any vessel within state waters incorporating shower, galley, toilet or wash facilities must have onboard wastewater holding facilities. Flexitank's range of flexible bladder tanks is the perfect economical answer to meet the new EPA boating waste holding requirements.  

Flexitank’s new waste holding tanks can hold from 50 litres to 1000 litres of greywater or black water and are flexible enough to conform to various onboard spaces.  

Key features of Flexitank’s flexible bladder tanks:

  • Flexible waste holding tanks use the latest in Flexitank’s dual layer technology
  • Engineered and designed to withstand rugged sea conditions
  • Inner flexible layer uses a specially designed Elvaloy-coated film giving it excellent chemical resistance and odour control properties
  • Outer flexible layer made from Flexitank's exclusive super strong reinforced PVC fabric
  • High quality Australian-made acetal skin fittings
  • Minimal number of tank welds
  • Designed flexibly to move with the vessel to minimise stress on welds and fittings

Flexitank’s range also includes bladder tanks for drinking water and fuel suitable for marine activities.  

Flexitank's flexible bladder tanks are available for purchase now from Flexitank's online store for worldwide shipping and immediate delivery. All waste tanks can also be totally custom-designed to individual specifications.

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