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Fertigation equipment from Hall Irrigation Riverina

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Hall Irrigation Riverina  offers pumps, pipelines, fertiliser injections and fertigation products. The fertigation equipment from Hall Irrigation Riverina is available in both mobile and stationary forms. Row cropping implements like the Dam Dyker, which is a soil-banking system, are also designed by Hall Irrigation Riverina.

Hall Irrigation Riverina distributes fertigation equipment such as metering pumps manufactured by Neptune Chemical Pump Co. The metering pumps are available in various series. The Series 500 of Dia-Pumps consist of hydraulic pumps and diaphragm pumps. These series of pump products help in maintaining the metered discharge accuracy under constant pressure, temperature and capacity settings. The Series 500 is ideal for chemigation and fertiliser applications.

The Series 500 pumps from Hall Irrigation Riverina are available in capacities ranging from 8 Lph to 302 Lph and come with accurate flow rates. These pumps are innovative and reliable in design and function. The variable oil by-pass stroke in these pumps can be adjusted allowing better performance of the valves.

Hall Irrigation Riverina also provides the Series 7000 of Dia-Pumps. These pumps come with straight through valves and the head is designed to improve the flow of water. The Series 7000 pumps are ideal for use with water processing tasks and water waste applications. The Series 7000 is available in capacities ranging from 360 Lph to 1135 Lph.

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