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Zimmatic pivots and lateral irrigation systems from Hall Irrigation Riverina

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Hall Irrigation Riverina  specialises in designing and servicing irrigation products. Hall Irrigation Riverina is involved in servicing and installing pivots, pumps, pipelines, laterals and technical electronics. Hall Irrigation Riverina is also a distributor of Zimmatic lateral and pivot irrigator systems. The irrigation products offered by Hall Irrigation Riverina include pump stations, lateral moves, fertiliser injection and centre pivots.

The pivots and laterals from Hall Irrigation Riverina include centre pivot and lateral moves system. These systems are ideal for small and large-scale applications. This system is controlled with help of basic to high tech advanced systems. Zimmatic irrigation systems provide effective solution and helps in even distribution of water, fertilisation and chemicals directly to the root zone for improving the growth and yield of the crop. Pivot and laterals helps in minimising the wastage of water and chemicals.

Zimmatic pivots and lateral system is automated and it helps in precise application of water across the rows. Zimmatic irrigation systems are available with remote control and monitoring options. Zimmatic irrigation systems are designed using advanced technology for easy access and use by the farmers. These irrigation systems are operated with help of professionals trained in occupational health and safety standards.

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