Fodder King

Fodder King produces and supplies quality hay graded by nutritional test results. Hay types include lucerne, clover, cereal (oaten, wheaten and barley), sudan grass and blends. Hay is supplied in small and large bales. Forward supply contracts are available. Contact the company for a supply proposal.


Supplier news
21/03/12 - Fodder King (FK) offers the expertise to use treated wastewater to irrigate fodder plantations, increasing the reliability of water supply and providing a buffer against potential water shortages.
Supplier news
29/11/11 - Using patented technology, Fodder King has developed a CSG (Coal Seam Gas) wastewater utilisation plan that aims to produce high yielding fodder crops.
Supplier news
11/05/09 - Fodder supply is becoming vital for Australia’s livestock industries and important for the economy as Australia becomes warmer and drier.
Supplier news
24/03/09 - Investors looking for long-term sustainable growth potential should ask for a copy of Fodder King’s current prospectus
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Fodder King (Head office) Update these details
Level 1, 554 Marrickville Road
Dulwich Hill
NSW 2203
Tel: 02 9569 7400
Fax: 02 9560 7922

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