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Demand for Food (and Fodder) Just Keeps Growing

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Helping the world feed itself is an engineering and agricultural challenge. Food security is becoming a major issue for many countries because world demand for food is doubling roughly every twenty-five to thirty years. Adding to the supply challenge, rising affluence in developing countries is increasing demand for more nutritious food – with higher levels of protein and energy – which, to satisfy, means more milk, eggs, meat or fish are required. This results in the animals and fish needing more supplementary feed, which means more quality fodder is required.

Unfortunately, the agricultural resources required to produce more food and more animal feed are shrinking, due to: population pressure; urbanisation; pollution; degradation of fertile land and fresh water resources; desertification; the development of bio-fuels; and the advent of climate change. But more food and feed still needs to be produced from the same or diminishing land and water resources. The increasing population and rising affluence translates to solid demand growth for quality fodder.

Food Security can be Improved 

Fodder King has devised a unique way to mass-produce quality fodder that is more consistent and enables harvesting to be carried out almost around the clock, instead of being restricted, as is traditional, to a couple of hours per day when atmospheric moisture conditions are right. Irrigated lucerne hay can now be grown and harvested on a broad-acre scale, previously considered impractical. This is a breakthrough from the cottage industry scale, at which fodder is still produced with erratic quality, in Australia and overseas. This means that quality fodder will be able to be mass-produced and distributed to meet increased demand from domestic and export markets. Fodder King plans to develop a service and quality-oriented industry to mass-produce and distribute fodder, but in order to be successful, further investment funds are needed to dramatically expand production.  

Perhaps Fodder should be on your Menu

Fodder production and marketing is an agribusiness that is strategically placed in the food chain, as it feeds into a diverse range of enterprises across the economy. Historically, agribusinesses have had a low correlation to financial market volatility, which may be regarded as an advantage in the present financial climate. If businesses are looking for investment diversity, then maybe fodder should be on the menu. 

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