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Fodder King’s innovative CSG wastewater utilisation plan to profit the environment

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article image Fodder King’s innovative CSG wastewater utilisation plan aims to produce the high yielding legume lucerne

Using patented technology, Fodder King has developed a CSG (Coal Seam Gas) wastewater utilisation plan that aims to produce high yielding fodder crops, more specifically the legume lucerne.

The plan is modular, employing 500ha fodder production cells that are irrigated with CSG wastewater that has been treated specifically to suit the project-area soils.

This is a mobile growing system that can be close to the source of CSG wastewater and relocated when the source moves, meaning that minimal water storage and transmission infrastructure is necessary.

Additionally, new fodder production cells can be planned and developed as the CSG water production moves from well to well.

It is hopped that this CSG wastewater utilisation plan will help to benefit local communities throughout the country as well as provide environmental, social and political benefits.

Fodder King is currently working with coal seam gas companies to design and implement practical solutions for their wastewater, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements as well as addressing the concerns of the host communities.

Governments want to see CSG companies implement sustainable solutions for the sensible disposal of wastewater, ensuring that any plans are fully supportive of sustainable regional developments and pose few environmental risks, especially to the agriculture industry.

Fodder King’s wastewater utilisation plan will also help CSG companies to demonstrate that they are seeking a responsible and win-win solution to water production.

This answers a major challenge for CSG companies, who need government approved solutions for disposal of their CSG water in order to develop gas projects.

For more information please contact Fodder King.

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