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Fodder vital in adapting to climate change

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Fodder helps cater for population growth

Food security is an important matter for many developing countries because world demand is doubling every twenty-five to thirty years, as population grows unabated and rising affluence increases demand for more nutritious food – with higher levels of protein and energy. 

So our globe needs to produce more food and animal feed from diminishing land and water resources which are shrinking due to: population pressure; urbanisation; pollution; degradation of fertile land and fresh water resources; desertification; the development of bio-fuels; and the advent of climate change.  This means more milk, eggs, meat or fish need to be produced from less land and water, which translates to solid demand growth for quality fodder.  

Fodder is vital in adapting to climate change

Fodder supply is becoming vital for Australia’s livestock industries and important for the economy as Australia becomes warmer and drier.  The polar weather systems appear to be shifting further south, which some scientists claim is linked to the speeding up of the Antarctic vortex as a result of ozone depletion.  Hence, much of the beneficial rain carried by cold fronts is now missing Australia and falling closer to Antarctica.  These changes are creating adversity for the rural sector in the highly productive southern regions of Australia, in addition to hardship from the variable effects of the Southern Oscillation that causes periodic droughts and floods in the eastern half of the continent.  

Fodder helps ‘drought-proof’ ‘the bush’

In time, as they expand, Fodder King could help drought-proof the bush for many livestock producers by supplying quality fodder for supplementary feeding.  Increased availability of quality fodder would see Australian livestock gain weight even when pasture conditions are poor – which is usually most of the year.  This will make our livestock industries more competitive with those in North American and Europe, where livestock gain weight during their harsh winters by being fed intensively.   

FK introduces mass-production to meet demand

Fodder King have devised a unique way to mass-produce consistent quality fodder, which enables us to harvest almost around the clock instead of being restricted, as is traditional, to a couple of hours per day when atmospheric moisture conditions are just right. They can grow and harvest irrigated lucerne hay on a broad-acre scale previously considered impractical - a breakthrough from the cottage industry scale at which fodder is still produced, with erratic quality, in Australia and overseas.   

Fodder is a naturally-hedged investment – free from the present turmoil

Historically agribusinesses, have had a low correlation to financial market volatility.  If you’re looking for long-term sustainability and investment diversity, then Fodder King suggest fodder should be on the menu, because fodder is a naturally hedged investment providing diversity across many segments of the economy - covering all types of livestock and even reaching beyond agribusiness to tourism, entertainment, gardening, landscaping and construction.  Such diversity is attractive when building a balanced investment portfolio. 

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