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Lucerne hay for horses from Fodder King

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Fodder King  provides Lucerne hay for diary cattle as well as horses. This Lucerne hay is a fodder product that has been developed from irrigated Lucerne crops. Lucerne crops are green leafy crops that possess high nutritive values. Lucerne crops have the following composition including high fibre content, high protein content, high mineral content, high vitamin content, good energy and high digestibility.

Lucerne hay from Fodder King needs to be stored under cover. This fodder product is basically stored in shaded and well ventilated shed that is away from damp surfaces. Lucerne hay from Fodder King is ideal for horses and functions by accelerating the speed of the horse. These fodder products also enable to maintain an appropriate balance of vitamins and proteins essential for the horse.

Lucerne hay from Fodder King possesses a total weight of 27 kilograms in combination with moisture content of 18 percent and dry matter ranging to about 22 kilograms. This hay is also a rich source of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B as well as vitamin D. Fodder King provides these fodder products at cost effective rates.

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