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Prime and Choice grade of hay products from Fodder King

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Fodder King  specialises in providing fodder products. These fodder products have been specifically developed for supplementary as well as intensive livestock productions. Fodder King employs sophisticated technologies for the production of fodder products. This company provides different grades of Lucerne hay. Choice grade of hay from Fodder King possesses protein content ranging from 19 percent to about 26 percent. This fodder product consists of several features including resistance to diverse weather conditions, dry texture, free from mould and fungal attack, high leaf to stem ratio, minimum leaf loss, fine stemmed hay as well as devoid of grass, weed and other foreign elements.

Prime grade of hay from Fodder King has protein content ranging from 16 percent to about 19 percent. The digestibility value ranges from 60 percent to 65 percent. Several attributes of this hay include minimal weather damage, coaser stem, minimal leaf loss, dry hay and ideal for storing even in heat conditions. This hay has internal green colour as well as devoid of minimal weeds and foreign matter. Medium grade of hay comprises of features such as free from mould as well as fungal attack, internal colour varying from light green to light brown, thick stem and presence of minimal seeds.

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