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Fodder Production in a Controlled Environment

The FodderTech System of producing fodder in a controlled environment makes use of hydroponic technology to provide and control nutrient and water input to growing roots, in combination with controlling the environment (insulate and protect) and atmosphere (temperature and humidity). 

The patent pending methodology behind the FodderTech System will work anywhere in the world where power and water are available and is the only commercial system on the market. Designed to consistently produce high protein green feed in adverse conditions, FodderTech utilises environmentally sound WaterWise methods, and as such requires much less water than field grown crops

FodderTech has various uses. It can be used as a permanent adjunct to traditional livestock feeding methods when there are problems growing fodder crops using traditional field ‘crop in soil’ growing methods, i.e. due to poor soil and difficult to predict weather patterns. It is also advantageous in areas where the climate is not conducive to standard crop growing, as it provides additional nutrients.

FodderTech can also be used as a feeding regime for breeding and lactating stock, fattening stock and for animals with sensitive feeding needs.

In the not too distant past, growing vegetables in a controlled environment was shunned as ‘not natural’. Today it is a highly profitable commercial venture. Growing fodder in a controlled environment is also commented on in a similar manner. 

Many farmers at the mercy of weather, climate and terrain cling to traditional farming notions that crops need to be gown in soil and dismiss new technologies as a fad, yet there are significant advantages and benefits related to alternative farming methods such as those offered by FodderTech’.

The FodderTech production method is highly developed. It offers farmers, breeders and commercial ventures increased confidence to control and calculate output in the good times, and provides a vital back up or solution when issues outside farmers control affect growing regimes. 

Controlled-Environment Farming

Controlled-environment farming is being increasingly recognised as offering diversification and farming intensification, both of which have the potential to increase earnings. The FodderTech System is the only system on the market designed to grow fodder commercially, in terms of its design, technology, scalability and application. 

Designed in Australia (patent pending) by Peter Doyle, a world-leading expert in NFT hydroponics technology, the Foddertech System is a commercial solution designed to be used worldwide, in a range of climatic conditions, by farmers, breeders, and animal practitioners.

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