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Forres Benaud B1 breed of bulls from Forres Angus Stud

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Forres Angus Stud  supplies a variety of Angus cattle breeds. The Forres Benaud B1 is a male bull with various attributes that include pedigree and phenotype quality and high levels of breedplan performance. This breed of cattle possesses a well-built structure and sturdy legs and feet. The Forres Connection B2 supplied by Forres Angus Stud is basically a yearling bull. This yearling bull has been produced with the help of Androssan breeding and consists of several unique characteristics such as good growth and well-muscled structure in combination with balanced EBV values. This breed is also known to possess high breeding and functional features.

The Forres Connection B3 cattle breed from Forres Angus Stud is known to be a suitable donor for all types of cattle. This cow possesses a quality structure in combination with other features such as a smooth coat and and well-muscled calves. These attributes ensure the development of this well-muscled calf into a quality sire. Cattle breeds from Forres Angus Stud are known to provide reliable and effective functionalities in terms of breeding and productivity.

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