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Functional Angus cattle breed from Forres Angus Stud

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Forres Angus Stud  specialises in the production of functional as well as free moving cattle. Cattle produced by this company include Angus cattle breed. Forres Angus Stud has been producing these functional Angus cattle since 1965. These cattle have been specifically developed for producing maximum amount of red meat. Angus cattle breed from Forres Angus Stud have been produced by incorporating sophisticated breeding technologies such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer methods. This company ensures to breed only structurally sound as well as cattle with high reproductive ability.

Forres Angus Stud is headed by David Raff, who has experience and knowledge in cattle breeding. This company started off its operations with foundation stock including four aged cows. These cows had been obtained from Sarum Stud as well as Currajong and Wallah Studs. The initial set of one hundred cows had been bred from these foundation female cows. These new set of cows possessed various attributes big framed and good milking females.

Forres Angus Stud employs embryo transfer as well as artificial insemination breeding techniques. This embryo transfer work is conducted by the trained and skilled personnel of Forres Angus Stud. This company also supplies different embryo genetic packages. The experienced staffs of Forres Angus Stud ensure to provide the required assistance for usage of these embryo genetic packages.

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