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Electronic metering unit seeders and cultivators from Forward Farming

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Forward Farming  specialises in the manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery as well as equipment. This company has been supplying agricultural machinery and equipment since 1980. Some of the agricultural machinery and equipment manufactured by Forward Farming include seeders as well as cultivators. Electronic metering unit seeders are available in varying models of 5000, 7000 as well as 10000 capacities. These seeders have been specifically for providing accurate, consistent and reliable operation.

Electronic metering units from Forward Farming comprise of features including heavy section main frame, hopper, platform, air ducting system, fans, fan drives, high floatation tyres and roll tarp lids. These electronic metering unit seeders also possess platform with non slip surface. The hopper of these air seeders has been divided into several compartments as well as fitted with mesh screens. These mesh screens have been specifically fitted for screening out lumps found either in seed or fertiliser.

Cultivators from Forward Farming comprise of several unique features such as walkover wheels, excellent trash flow and transport width ranging to about 5.3 metres. These cultivators are available in varying widths ranging from 4.6 metres to about 16.5 metres. Forward Farming distributes 2700 series of cultivators that have been specifically designed to withstand harsh working conditions.

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