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Cattle crush machines and chisel ploughs from Fred Hopkins

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Fred Hopkins  specialises in the supply of agricultural machinery as well as engines. This company has been supplying agricultural machinery and engines since 1955. Fred Hopkins supplies agricultural machinery of different companies including John Berends Implements, East Wind Tractors, Murray Agricultural Equipment, Shearer, Connor Shea to name a few.

Agricultural machinery from John Berends Implements, supplied by Fred Hopkins, include cattle crush machines, delvers, chisel ploughs, grader blades, disc ploughs and drain diggers. Chisel ploughs have been specifically designed for primary cultivation applications. Features of these chisel ploughs include optional wheel kit mounting brackets, heavy duty frame, adjustable spring, reversible points and silicone chrome spring steel shanks. Cattle crush machines supplied by Fred Hopkins are available in conjunction with various components including sliding back gates, spring operated zinc plated catches, rear gates as well as zinc alume panels.

Fred Hopkins supplies rotary drain diggers that have been specifically designed for easy installation of drains. These rotary drain diggers comprise of several features including heavy duty construction, high tensile steel blades, adjustable window shield, adjustable skid and available in conjunction with rippers. Rotary drain diggers can be easily controlled and capable of digging upto maximum depth of 600 millimetres.

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