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XRX 110 SP series of motorbikes from Freedo Motors

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Freedo Motors  offers a distinctive range of motorbikes. XRX 110-2 SP series of bikes possess four stroke engine in conjunction with three valves. These bikes have total fuel capacity ranging to about seven litres and maximum speed of 90 kilometres per hour. XRX 110-2 SP bikes comprise of other features such as four speed transmission device, maximum load ranging to about 90 kilograms. These motorbikes possess overall dimensions ranging to about 1600 millimetres, 660 millimetres and 1000 millimetres. The wheelbase of these bikes includes 1170 millimetres and requires kick start operations. These motorbikes also consist of naturally aspirated carburetion feature.

Ranger 250 series of motorbikes from Freedo Motors comprise of features including manual cooling fans, fuel capacity of 12 litres, semi automatic transmission, four stroke single cylinder engine and capable of carrying loads of 180 kilograms. These bikes possess net weight of 220 kilograms and wheelbase of about 1160 millimetres. Other features include independent front suspension and available in orange colour. These bikes have been specifically designed to withstand rough conditions and known for reliable as well as durable operation.

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