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EnviroSCAN moisture sensor from G D Rural

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G D Rural  provides a diverse range of software products for various viticulture applications. Moisture sensors are one among the different software products ideal for viticulture. Sentek moisture sensors from G D Rural can be used in conjunction with spectral imaging as well as IPV solutions. Spectral imaging and IPV solutions enable to determine the appropriate location for fixing these moisture sensors.

EnviroSCAN Plus moisture sensor, provided by G D Rural, is capable of tracking fertilisers as well as salinity data. This moisture sensor software can easily track fertiliser and salinity data with the aid of TriSCAN sensors. EnviroSCAN Plus employs GPRS or 1X communication mode for sending soil water as well as fertiliser from probe to users. This is mainly achieved by using the internet.

Various features of EnviroSCAN moisture sensors include optional web compatible and wireless communications, seamless download from internet and functions without using in field logging system. EnviroSCAN software solution comprises of several components including front panel connectivity, front panel probe switcher, 12 volt battery, optional GPRS and communication module in combination with antenna. The front panel connectivity enables local downloading, while front panel probe power switch has been specifically incorporated for easy service.

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