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Irrimax 7.1 software for assessment of soil moisture from G D Rural

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G D Rural  offers soluSAMPLER and IrriMAX 7.1 software products. These software products have been specifically devised for the improvisation of viticulture. IrriMAX is basically a root zone interpreter that has been developed by Sentek Sensor Technologies. This software solution enables growers as well as consultants to visualise soil moisture as well as salinity activity that exists in the root zone. IrriMAX 7.1 displays soil moisture and salinity activity in graphs that can be easily viewed on the web.

Various features of IrriMAX 7.1 from G D Rural include flexibility and accessibility of soil moisture, speedy download options, easy back option of workspace and files and graphs of this software can be views by using Vista software. This software also supports visualisation of EnviroSCAN data.

soluSAMPLER from G D Rural has been specifically devised for drawing moisture from surrounding soil. This product stores the drawn moisture in an inert ceramic cup for further analysis of the sample. soluSAMPLER comprises several features including simple as well as cost effective device, easy operation and installation and ideal solution for tracking salt as well as nutrient levels, measuring pH as well as measurement of micronutrient levels.

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