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Feed and elevated silos from GE Silos

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GE Silos  offers pellet silos which are available in 60 degrees cone standard shapes. These pellet silos have an approximate clearance of about 900 millimetres for feed systems. Pellet silos have features such as bagging chutes and sight glass. GE Silos also supplies 45 degrees optional pellet silos which are used for a wide range of applications. Noel Comer, proprietor of GE Silos, has been operating the business since 1978. GE Silos offers quality silo products to its customers.

GE Silos offers feed and seed silos that have a bagging chute which is placed at convenient heights for bags and wheelbarrows. Feed and seed silos have large centre fills which are about 750 millimetres in dimension. All feed and seed silos supplied by GE Silos have a concrete foundation that can be extended to truck heights.

GE Silos offers elevated silos which have approximately a one metre clearance for roller mills and feed systems. Elevated silos are fitted with heavy duty 4.5 millimetres thick blower pipes, camloc and exhaust vents. Other fittings include bagging chutes, roof manholes, internal ladders and sight glass. All elevated silos supplied by GE Silos, too, have concrete foundations. In addition to providing feed silos and elevated silos, GE Silos offers grain and pellet silos.

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