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Grain and pellet silos from GE Silos

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GE Silos  specialises in providing an extensive range of silos such as grain silos, pellet silos, feed and seed silos and elevated silos. Silos built to specific requirements are also provided by GE Silos.

Grain Silos from GE Silos have low level cone bottom with a removable auger boot. The grain silos have a large centre fill which is about 750 millimetres. Grain silos have a side manhole and an interior ladder. All silos supplied by GE Silos have concrete foundation

GE Silos manufactures walls, roof and cones from grade 300 high tensile Zincalume coil. GE Silos offers blower pipes which are made from 4.5 millimetres thick pipe. The blower pipes are strong enough to withstand any test. All silo products from GE Silos are manufactured in the factory.

GE Silos offers galvanised frames such as spin-formed base entry manhole and galvanised cap. The galvanised products provide easy access to all silo ledge-free interior for complete emptying. GE Silos offers hot dipped galvanised exterior ladder, bagging cutes and high strength airtight rivets. GE Silos supplies high strength airtight rivets for walls and roof joins.

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