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Cliplight’s Flushworks Machine available from Go Distribution

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As energy prices and anti-pollution pressures rise, owners of large and small vehicles recognise the importance of maintaining their air-conditioning systems in peak condition. Flushing an air-conditioning system to ensure it is not contaminated with build-ups of oil and debris can maximise its effectiveness, reduce its energy use and enhance driver and operator comfort, whilst ensuring owners get optimum life out of the air-conditioning system. 

Cliplight’s Flushworks machine, available from Go Distribution features a closed loop automotive air conditioning flush and purge system. Cliplight’s Flushworks machine is designed to remove contamination from air conditioning systems following system failures and during major services, eliminating repeat repairs and restoring the heat transfer performance of components to original specifications. 

Cliplight’s Flushworks machine uses a closed loop, pulsating, scrubbing action, to ensure thorough component cleaning and eliminate harmful particles caused by compressor failure, desiccant failure and residue from overheated lubricant.

As a result of its closed loop pulsating scrubbing action, workshop staff are not exposed to chemical hazards of spray gun/aerosol methods of flushing. 

Cliplight’s Flushworks machine has the following features:

  • Simple two-step operation with a single hook-up for each component operating instructions printed on the cabinet
  • Safe, efficient and shop-friendly system leaves A/C components clean and dry and frees technicians to do other jobs while it is flushing/purging
  • Powered entirely by workshop air, it pumps used solvent directly into the shop’s waste oil tank
  • Built with quality pneumatic motors, pumps and ancillaries

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