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Commercial sealants from GO Distribution

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GO Distribution  supplies sealant products such as Super Seal HVACR, Super Seal ACR, Super Seal Premium and Super Seal Commercial. GO Distribution is an authorised distributor for Cliplight Manufacturing Company.

The Super Seal HVACR from GO Distribution is a professional leak sealant for all mobile air conditioning systems. The sealant fixes major leaks easily and quickly and continues to circulate in the air conditioning system to guard against future leaks. The Super Seal HVACR is made to suit the air conditioning industry, repairs cooling, chilling, and refrigeration leaks.

GO Distribution supplies Super Seal Premium that permanently seals leaks present in condenser, evaporator, accumulator, compressor, gaskets, o-rings and metal and rubber hoses. The sealant can be installed in minutes and is very effective in sealing multiple leaks. The Super Seal Premium does not contain red dye.

Super Seal ACR from GO Distribution supplies is a professional sealant for small systems, while the Super Seal Commercial is an industrial sealant used for commercial and industrial systems. GO Distribution also offers a range of tools and equipment such as gauge kit, valve core remover, spark key torch ignition and safety spectacles.

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