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Super Seal Pro for Air Conditioning Leaks available from GO Distribution

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With plunging prices for used vehicles and spiralling fuel prices, many owners are reluctant to spend much to fix sneaky leaks in air conditioning systems that sap performance and release environmentally harmful refrigerants into the atmosphere. 

But as vehicles age, even little holes in evaporators, condensers and systems’ flexible tubing, micro leaks can slowly drain the effectiveness of car, truck, van, 4wd and caravan installations and leave owners gasping for relief as warmer days return. 

These refrigerant losses can be sealed using Super Seal Pro from GO Distribution . Super Seal demonstrated its effectiveness recently when applied to a Falcon brought in by Rob Middleton, to improve heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R). 

The air conditioning system of the 1996 Falcon, typical of thousands of used cars of its age, had gradually lost its effectiveness when driven in the tropical environment of far North Queensland, where Rob Middleton is based. Middleton said that it would have been a 10-hour job at least, to pull out the evaporator. In Australia’s climate, if users do not have air conditioning, the car is destined for the scrapheap.  

To save his customer money, Middleton injected Super Seal Pro from GO Distribution into the car’s air conditioning system, where the formulation is designed to circulate through the system with the refrigerant and oil. 

At the point where the refrigerant leaks, it begins to lower the ambient air temperature down to the dew point where micro droplets of moisture are deposited around the leak area. The escaping refrigerant containing Super Seal reacts with this moisture to form a permanent, low tensile crystalline structure, which seals the hole from the inside out. The process can be compared with the human body and how blood clots to stop the bleeding of a wound. 

Super Seal Pro, distributed in Australia and New Zealand by GO Distribution, is the latest sealant technology from Cliplight Manufacturing. Super Seal Pro is designed for use with systems using flexible hose type connections or with open drive compressors. These include systems used in cars, trucks, buses, vans, 4wds, caravans, boats, trailers, farm machinery and refrigerated vehicles. 

Super Seal Pro permanently seals leaks in condensers, evaporators, accumulators, compressors, gaskets, o-rings, metal lines and rubber hoses. The sealant can be professionally installed in approximately one hour, by a certified automotive air conditioning technician. The products are available through most reputable wholesalers.

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