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Agleader EZ Guide Plus from Gps-Ag, The Easy and Accurate Guidance System

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The Agleader EZ-Guide Plus from GPS-Ag now has an integrated screen which displays a virtual road to allow easier operation in contour round and round guidance and is available with the new Autonomous GPS that does not need a differential signal. The Agleader EZ-Guide Plus represents a new era in value for money guidance products. The Agleader EZ-Guide® Plus system now provides precise reliable guidance for a variety of farming operations. The Agleader EZ-Guide® Plus can help reduce costs and maximise productivity. Affordable and easy-to-use, the Agleader EZ-Guide® Plus is an investment that starts paying for itself from day one.


The Agleader EZ-Guide Plus system comprises a GPS smart antenna, a lightbar, and a remote keypad that can be mounted anywhere in the cab. The lightbar’s rugged moulded construction minimises cab clutter. The new integrated display gives a virtual road display. Installation can be performed in minutes – learning the system takes just a few more.


The Agleader EZ-Guide Plus lets you apply material right the first time, helping eliminate skips and overlaps and at the correct time. An end zone LED and audible alarm warn you when you are approaching your field edges, allowing you to precisely control how and where you apply.


With GPS guidance you can extend your operating hours to work when

you need to, even at night. Avoiding excessive daytime temperatures by spraying at night can also lead to more effective pesticide performance. Guidance with a lightbar also reduces driver fatigue, increasing overall efficiency and safety of your operation.


The Agleader EZ-Guide Plus comes standard with the Autonomous GPS receiver. Autonomous GPS means that you no longer need to use a differential signal provider so there are no ongoing charges. The GPS receiver can also be used for other applications such as yield mapping. It is configured to work directly with any device capable of accepting NMEA messages. There are a variety of other GPS options available including system capable of using Omnistar or Marine beacon differential correction signals that give greater accuracy.


The Agleader EZ-Guide Plus system is fully upgradeable to meet your future needs. The Agleader EZ-Guide® Plus is upgraded using a PC, without any hardware changes, to provide advanced features.


Ag Leader Technology protects your investment by building rugged hardware that lasts. Regular firmware upgrades will keep your product up with the times far into the future. The Agleader EZ-Guide Plus comes with a two year warranty.

Choice of GPS Receivers

All-in-one smart antenna DGPS receiver allows for quicker and easier mounting.

Smart antenna means less cab clutter.

12 channel high quality receiver.

Sub-metre accuracy when using Omnistar or Marine beacon.

Magnet mount for ease of installation and transferral between machines.

The Agleader EZ-Guide® Plus Delivers

Easy setup – less than 10 minutes to install.

Easy to use – less than 10 minutes to learn.

Remote keypad for setup and operation that can be conveniently located within the operators reach.

Rugged lightbar with suction cup mounting for greater mounting flexibility.

Compact design reduces cab clutter.

Multiple guidance modes, A-B, C-clamp & Contour

Area calculation on first round

Headland feature to indicate end of rows or edge of paddock.

Audible alarm to warn you when you enter a headland or sprayed area.

Pause feature so you can leave the field and navigate back later.

Units can be Imperial or Metric.

Lightbar can be mounted from the ceiling or dash and the display inverts when mounted upside down.

Look ahead feature is used to predict the future guidance path.

Automatic snap to nearest swath so there is no button pushing required at the end of runs.

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