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Legacy6000 Guidance Systems - One Console that can do the Work of Three

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The Legacy6000 guidance system from Gps-Ag is the latest release from the US - it is truly a multi-functional guidance system. The Legacy6000 offers guidance, interfaces to an existing controller to do variable rate control and it can even replace your existing controller. It is capable of controlling a sprayer, spreader or airseeder.

Autosteer capabilities are due to be released later in 2003. The Legacy also has a job recording system, stores data and draws maps.

It can also be used for general farm mapping and soil sampling. You can also record weather, crop and soil conditions in the field by quick and easy pick lists.

Rugged and Reliable

The Legacy6000 console is designed for agricultural work, its rugged design sets it apart. No more hiding screens from the sun, the Legacy display is readable in direct sunlight. Its flexibility and multitude of features sets a new standard in GPS guidance.

The Legacy6000 can be fitted with various GPS receivers to give a range of accuracies from sub-metre down to 2 cm. The Legacy SA system comprises a GPS receiver, a large external lightbar, and the Legacy console.

The large externally mounted lightbar means the operator’s focus remains outside the cab this minimises fatigue and eye strain and ensures the operator’s focus remains outside the cab to concentrate on avoiding obstacles and increases overall safety of the operation.

Latest CAN bus Technology

The Legacy uses the latest CAN bus electronic communication.

It will warn of approaching hazards, automatically detect boom sections that are activated and automatically adjust the “as applied” map.

Automatic boom section cut off is due in late 2003.

You can also record weather, crop and soil conditions in the field by quick and easy pick lists.

Guidance Freedom

The Legacy gives you the freedom to work your paddocks they way you want you can simply swap from round and round work pattern to up and back whenever it suits.

The new multiple AB line feature will allow you to spray round and round the paddock using a number of straight runs which makes driving much easier and more accurate.

Alternatively you can be guided round and round the paddock in full contour mode. It has a unique virtual road display on the external lightbar to assist you, warning you of turns and their tightness ahead of time, while not interrupting your vision of the track ahead.

It is ideal for working two rounds of the paddock and then working back and forth. The Legacy automatically skips to the next run leaving your hands free to control your vehicle and implement.

Working more complicated shaped paddocks can be accommodated without hassle the Legacy has a real-time map display so you can view an “as applied” map. By zooming into the display you can also use it to aid guidance.

The Legacy stores the guidance file and weather, crop and soil data so you can print a map with a report on your office PC or return to the same run next time.

There is both visual and audible alarm to warn you when you enter an applied area/headlands or go near a hazard.


On the first lap it also calculates the area so you know what area you are working with.

You can easily swap the Legacy between vehicles, so you get more use from your investment. With GPS guidance you can extend your operating hours to work when you need to, even at night.

Avoiding excessive daytime temperatures by spraying at night can also lead to more effective pesticide performance. Guidance with a lightbar also reduces driver fatigue, increasing overall efficiency and safety of your operation.

Soil Sampling and Paddock Mapping

The Legacy console allows you to mark points, display total field area and area completed as you drive, updating instantly. It allows you to map hazards so you can be warned ahead of time of approaching hazards. You can store soil sampling locations and navigate back to soil sample locations.

All this information can be stored on a PC card and later downloaded to your office PC.


Mid-Tech offer a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

Choice of Accuracy

The choice of GPS receiver is yours whether you want sub-metre accuracy for spraying or 2 cm for controlled traffic and tillage work.

We also offer you the choice of differential signal providers so you are not hemmed into any one provider. It is also possible in some locations to offer free marine beacon differential signals.

The all-in-one smart antenna GPS4050 receiver allows for quick and easy mounting and delivers sub-metre accuracy, using either Omnistar or Landstar satellite differential service.

The GPS3000 offers the same performance but uses the free marine beacon correction signal. For controlled traffic and tillage guidance then the Legacy can be connected to a base station GPS system with 2 cm accuracy.

The lightbar sensitivity can be set to 10cm.

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