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Ruddweigh weighing by Gallagher Australia

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Gallagher Australia provides a Ruddweigh weighing solution that contributes to more profitable farming and takes the hassle out of livestock management. Leading farmers today recognise that livestock weighing is an essential component of effective farm management

The regular weighing of live animals is vital to increased productivity and farm profitability. Well-informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate.

Most important aspects of the Ruddweigh range of superior live animal weighers are:

  • Monitor animal health
  • Confirm animal weights prior to mating
  • Determine weaning weights Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
  • Measure feed conversion by monitoring weight gain over time to maximise yield
  • Maximise the benefits of having animals fitted with Electronic Ear Tags
  • Evaluate breeding performance for genetic selection

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