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Gardner Smith offers oil and fat recycling services

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Gardner Smith  provides energy and fuel solutions through its Gardner Smith Trade and Energy division. This division provides blended fuel and bio diesel from molasses, feedstock, vegetable oils and tallow.

Gardner Smith also deals with recycling of cooking oils through Auscol. Cooking oils and fats are collected from food chains, restaurants, shopping malls, takeaway outlets, food manufacturers and so on. These oils and fats are then recycled by Gardner Smith. Auscol, which is a division of the Gardner Smith Group, has about six processing facilities for carrying out the recycling processes. Thus, Gardner Smith prevents fats from polluting waterways and landfills.

Bulk bin systems utilised by Gardner Smith reduce the occurrence of burns and injuries during the manual handling of oils and fats. These risks are minimised by eliminating the need of transporting the oils in open-top pails. These bulk bins offered by Gardner Smith are reliable as well as safe.

Used cooking oils are a threat to the community. Thus, these oils are recycled by Gardner Smith through procedures that comply with the HACCP. These procedures also comply with ‘Accreditation of Establishments for the collection, Processing and Recycling of Fats and Oils’.

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