As factory fitted cabins became standard equipment on imported tractors, Gason evolved into its current role as a world class designer and manufacturer of broad acre agricultural machinery and solid fuel and gas heating products. Today Gason is a significant regional employer, has a highly a skilled workforce, and are very active in training apprentices through an in-house training program in addition to other staff development programs. ... + View more


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19/11/12 - Gason's range of tillers gives farmers the chance to purchase a machine best suited to meeting their overall requirements.
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13/11/12 - Both the 2120 and 2150 models of liquid air seeders from Gason feature a 5000 litre UV tabilised polyethylene tank along with middle and rear steel bins for granular products.
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17/10/12 - The Gason spreader specialises in accurately spreading a variety of materials from urea to chicken litter.
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23/03/12 - 2120 and 2150 Liquid Air Seeders from Gason are liquid equipped models that feature robust dual compartment 5000 litre UV stabilized polyethylene tanks.
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Cultimaster hydraTILL® Scaritill

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