24ft and 35ft Cropper Topperss from Gason

by Gason

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Wing Lift Trailed Cropper Toppers

The 24ft and 35ft Cropper Toppers from Gason are broadacre stubble mulchers built to meet the requirements of most modern day continuous cropping cereal growers.

Sturdy machine design and construction

  • Dual mulching blades
  • ‘All gear drive’ (no belts)
  • High horsepower rated gearboxes on each model
  • Sturdy body construction
  • 6mm folded deck plate, incorporating high discharge rear exit for even spread of trashed stubble behind machine
  • 24ft model features hydraulic action wing lift allows then machine to pass through 12ft gates with ease

A higher level trashing efficiency

  • Green grass topping for dairy farms, horse studs and sheep properties
  • Grounds maintenance for airfields and large open area slashing
  • Continuous cropping cereal growers who require a higher level of trashing efficiency
  • Large open area slashing

Cropper Toppers from Gason provide a reliable choice for those that require a broadacre stubble mulcher with high power performance.

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