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Easier, Faster, Surer Sowing and Fertilising for Lock Grain Growers

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“Our New Gason 2120 air seeder makes it easy to change seed varieties in just a couple of minutes plus precision adjustments for adding fertiliser. It's just so much easier to work with.”

These are just two reasons Jeff and Caroline Longmire of “JB's Place” at Lock near Port Lincoln in South Australia have strong praise for their new Gason Series 2120 2-bin SR (side release) 12,400 litre rear-tow air seeder.

Jeff and Caroline farm over 2,000ha producing wheat, barley, canola, lentils, beans and peas.

Having owned a Gason 1850 5-tonne air seeder for the previous seven years, and been satisfied with its performance, their move to the new 2120 this year was a natural one.

“The larger capacity obviously helps us get more ground sown faster” says Jeff.

“We particularly like the side release metering wheel on the new one. It's very easy to clean out the rollers — it only takes a couple of minutes.

“It's also extra easy to set up and calibrate for different seed varieties.”

Caroline is impressed by the flexibility and accuracy the Gason 2120 provides for applying fertiliser.

“It's very easy to choose how much super we add. We can now double-shoot, putting super below the seed — or together with it.

“Layering it enables us to use higher rates of nitrogen without worrying about burning the seeds” she says.

Still on the subject of cleaning, Jeff and Caroline said that the large quantities of fertiliser they use can easily clog up the rollers. This is no longer an issue because the 2120's rollers are so easy to clean — even when damp.

“The large floatation wheels are also perfect for our soil,” says Jeff. “It's mostly sandy soil over clay, with red flats and limestone ridges — and we can encounter several different soil types in a single paddock.

“When wet, it sticks to small wheels — a real hassle. That's not a problem with the bigger ones on the 2120. They also help reduce compaction — although we've never had any problem with that here.”

The Longmires also found that the bigger box on the 2120 saves them a lot of time.

“We can do about 60ha to a fill; that's a lot more than the pervious one at just 14,” says Caroline. “Once we fill it up, we can work for six to seven hours before it needs filling again.

“The time we save on all those interruptions really adds up. Now we have time for other tasks that need attention on the day.

“Another reason the time saving is so important to us is that we often sow at night. Also, every now and then, we get caught out by rain — that's not such a problem now, seeing as the 2120 saves us so much time.”

The Longmires' high opinion of the Gason 2120 is supported by research conducted by the independent Kondinin Group in which Gason topped benchmarking trials.

Results for seed and fertiliser placement were ahead of the competition.

Gason's national sales manager Kevin Hull says broadacre grain and cereal sowing accuracy is a critical factor in improving grower productivity and increasing profitability.

He also emphasises the importance of operator safety and the emphasis given to it by Gason design engineers.

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