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Easy Rolling and Tight Tracking? Wonwondah Brothers Bank on Gason.

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“The New Gason 1880 series 8200 litre air seeder helps us keep our wheels rolling when it's time to go sowing. That's where the money is … in getting seed into the ground.”

So say grain and cereal growing brothers Robert and David McGennisken of ‘Manooka' at Wonwondah, south of Horsham in Victoria.

The brothers crop 1,700ha producing grain and fat lambs. Their cropping activities focus mainly on canola, wheat, barley, beans and triticale all sown using a new Gason rear-tow SR (side release metering system) 8200 litre air seeder.

“The machine's absolutely magnificent,” says Robert McGennisken. “Gason really put their thinking caps on with this one.”

“We've commended them several times on the way they've designed this machine. It's state-of-the-art.”

The McGenniskens are enthusiastic about the air seeder's revolutionary new side release metering wheel assembly.

“It lets you change varieties, change the rollers by yourself if you need to and all in just a couple of minutes“, Robert says.

“With earlier air seeder metering systems it could take two of us up to 40 minutes to change metering wheels. That's a lot of down time when you could be sowing crop.”

Robert praises the new Gason 1880's accurate seed placement.

“When the new crops emerged this year, we could see that seed placement was very even across the full width of the cut” he says.

“The metering rollers deposit the seeds evenly into the sowing ports so they are blown to the sowing boots evenly.”

“Even though it's not really a precision seeder, there's no bunching of material.”

“This is especially important when sowing beans, which can be prone to fungal disease if they bunch.”

“Because this Gason seeder helps keep disease levels down, we save on fungicide.”

Robert says the 1880's 8200 litre capacity helps the brothers get more done between refills and seed variety changes, making for a much more productive day.

“Between the extra capacity and the wider spread, we simply get more ground sown in less time compared with past seasons”, he says.

The McGennisken brothers prefer the rear-tow model for its cornering ability and superior all round operator visibility.

“The rig doesn't drag on turns. Tracking is very precise.

“This tracking ability will come in handy if we switch to (controlled traffic) tram-tracking.

“The bigger floatation wheels on the front of the Gason 1880 also perform really well on our country.

“With the ground getting so friendly here, our grey soil carries a fair amount of clay that really sticks to smaller wheels causing them to bind up.

“The new 1880 has 23·1-30 tyres on the rear and 15·5-80X24 on the front. The bigger radius allows lower tyre pressures so the tyres flex and reduce the soil-sticking problem by a good 50 to 75 per cent.

“That means better rolling performance, fewer stops and easier pulling.”

Robert describes calibration of the new generation 1880 as user friendly also and now able to be performed by a solo operator in a very short time.

“Again, the major saving is in time which, at that period during the year, is critical” says Robert.

He says that the huge amount of time saved by the 1880 helped make up for time lost during Winter wet spells this year.

“The extra area sown this year was mostly due to the time we saved between variety changes, letting us finish whole blocks faster,” Robert says

The tow behind air seeder configuration allows the brothers to pull a roller behind the 1880 to ensure optimum seed/soil contact if required.

"Germination was excellent”, according to Robert. “We had to start sowing pretty late,” he said, “but we still achieved a good germination rate.”

In addition to the time saved and extra productivity gained, Robert also praised the new Gason air seeder's safety, its new ‘work-safe' metering wheel assembly changing configuration and the sturdy safety rails on the walkways.

The McGennisken brothers' high opinion of the Gason 1880 is borne out by recent tests conducted by the independent Kondinin Group where the brand achieved top results in detailed benchmark trials.

Results for seed and fertiliser placement were ahead of the competition.

Gason's national sales manager Kevin Hull said broadacre grain and cereal sowing accuracy is a critical factor in improving grower productivity and increasing profitability.

He also emphasised the importance of operator safety and the emphasis given to it by Gason design engineers.

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