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Gason Launches Sixty Foot Tillage Giant

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Leading Australian tillage and air seeding manufacturer AF Gason has launched a massive new five-section 18m (60ft) plus Scaritill/hydratill cultivator bar on the Australian market.

The giant broadacre cultivator is available in an extensive range of options including 250mm (9.8in) and 200mm (7.9in) tine spacings for optimum performance in a range of soil types.

It can be configured with 400lb/f Scaritill spring release breakout tines or the hyrdatill option featuring hydraulically adjustable tine breakout pressure.

Gason's national agricultural machinery sales manager Kevin Hull said today the five-section prototype had undergone field-proving in 2002 and 2003 production models were now under construction.

“ The five section design combined with our floating hitch assembly delivers far greater accuracy in following ground contours - across the cutting width of the implement and fore and aft,” he said.

“Wing section widths on many cultivators are around 4.4m, but on these new five-section models, they range from 3.3m (inner) to 3m (outer). This delivers greater terrain contour accuracy across the entire width of the machine.

“The unit is equipped with large wheel equipment, extra heavy-duty wing walking beams and Gason's floating-hitch drawbar to carry the weight of the machine and deliver first class flotation and in-field performance.”

The five-section cultivator's weight is carried on 14 Michelin 335/80 R18 Gripster-style tyres with six walking beams and two castor wheels along with four wing-stablilising 275/80 R18 Michelins.

The five-section giant features hydraulic depth control and double-folding for transport.

Maximum recommended working depth is 200mm (7.9in).

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