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New Gason hydraTILL Sowing Assembly Targets Precision Growers

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Tillage and air seeder specialist Gason has released for its hydraTILL cultivator bar range a new parallelogram seeding assembly that targets grain and cereal producers requiring world-class precision.

Designed for the top end of the broadacre market, Gason's new parallelogram assembly incorporates a closely configured ground opening tool and sowing boot backed by a press wheel on each tine.

The unit has passed weeks of rigorous field trials during the recent WA sowing season with flying colours.

According to Gason Agricultural's national sales manager Kevin Hull, the new unit is best suited to growers who demand highly accurate seeding at an individual tine level.

“While the press wheel is not new to sowing, our configuration has the press wheel linked to each tine rather than a group of press wheels in a row behind the machine,” he says.

“Each press wheel moves in accordance with the ground contour under that particular point on the implement across the total width of the implement.

“This delivers individual depth control at each tine as it moves through the top soil.

“The result is consistent seed placement across the operating width of the machine.”

For producers who apply fertiliser via ‘side-banding', the opening tool, sowing boot and wheel assembly can be offset from the tine, according to Kevin Hull.

“To ensure maximum soil moisture retention around the seed, the tight combination of opening tool, sowing boot and press wheel delivers first class seed/soil contact and furrow closure in a single pass,” he says.

“While the parallelogram linkage action allows accurate seed and fertiliser placement, Gason's hydraTILL hydraulic tine assembly delivers a smooth stump-jump action with gentle soil re-entry.

The hydraTILL, parallelogram assembly features greaseable hardened-steel bushes.

The hydraTILL's split rim allows simple fitting of 10 types of tyre profiles - flats, wedges, rounds, solids and semi-pneumatics - varying from 55mm-100mm.

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