Precision Agriculture with HydraTILL Hydraulic Cultivators by Gason

by Gason

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HydraTILL® Hydraulic Cultivators

Gason's HydraTILL® Cultivators features a hydraulic release mechanism, providing variable adjustment and soft recoil. This technological innovation in cultivating equipment means a more efficient and precise method in agricultural farming.

Hydraulic cultivator with variable adjustment range 
  • Soft recoil
  • The cultivator’s hydraulic system allows for consistent seed depth
  • Accommodated for mounted press wheels and coulters
  • Two accumulator pre-charge pressures 100-300lbs, 300-680lbs. This would mean that in rough ground conditions, the tine breakout can be adjusted to avoid damage to ground engaging tools and to the cultivator bar mainframe.

HydraTILL® Hydraulic Cultivators are available in controlled traffic versions with wheel spacings of 2m, 3m and 4m. Controlled traffic farming greatly reduces soil compaction, draft abd tractor fuel consumption.

Gason still remains as a family owned enterprise, known for its consistency and reliability in farming machinery.

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