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Side Release for Simpler Operation, Faster Changeover

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Gason air seeders have always enjoyed a reputation for rugged strength, reliability, accuracy and ease of adjustment.

Now the introduction of side release metering box technology takes ease of operation to a whole new level. Using a quick release mechanism, the meter shaft assembly is withdrawn from the side of the machine in just seconds. No disassembly is required.

According to marketing manager, Brad King, a seed changeover can be accomplished in two minutes.

“Cleaning is so easy with the meter shaft assembly completely withdrawn. It's also more thorough, eliminating almost any chance of cross contamination.

“Owners are reporting virtually no downtime when moving from one seed to another.

“Changeovers have always been easy with Gason seeders because, unlike our competitors, we use the same metering wheel for cereals, canola and small seeds. The only time you need to actually change a wheel is for broad beans or similar large seeds,” Brad said.

“And even that's very simple. It involves only two bolts. Cleaning and changing over to a large seed wheel is still only a five-minute job with the new side release system. It really is a time saver.”

The new side release meter box is now standard on all 8000, 9000, 12000 and 15000 litre machines.

It is driven by a hydraulic motor which uses minimum oil to produce the maximum torque required for high fertiliser application rates. The same motor will also meter at very low speeds for canola and small seeds.

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