Spread a Large Variety of Materials Accurately with Gason Spreaders

by Gason

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Gason Spreaders - 3, 5 and 7 tonne maximum carrying capacity

Gason spreaders are designed to spread a large variety of ground conditioning materials efficiently. Available in either three, five or seven tonne capacity models, it ensures spreading of materials at high rates. The fertiliser distributors have spreading capabilities of up to 30 metres for most granular fertilisers.

All steel welded, heavy duty construction
  • Accurately spread ground conditioning materials
  • Low maintenance due to fewer moving parts
  • Ensure long service life with heavy duty construction and baked enamel finish
  • Wide spreading widths, ensuring spread rate consistency
  • High flotation tyres means a reduction in soil compaction
Low profile, easy loading operation for various soil conditioning materials
  • Fertiliser
  • Manure
  • Lime
  • Chicken litter
  • Urea
Spread most materials with great accuracy
Gason spreaders are fitted with a robust chain feed system for a positive flow of material, breaks up clods and provides a very even feed to the spinner discs. The chain feed system maintains an even flow to the spinners even on slopes. Gason still remains as a family owned enterprise, known for its consistency and reliability in farming machinery.
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