VHD Side-Shift Public Works Slasher

by Gason

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VHD Side-Shift Slasher

The VHD Side-Shift Slasher from Gason provides increased productivity with the ability to freely manoeuvre the cutting zone on the move to suit terrain or environmental conditions.

Public works slashing made easy

With its hydraulic actuated side-shift movement, the VHD Side-Shift Slasher will save time, energy and money, and increase productivity.

  • No more manoeuvring tractors and mowers around roadside furniture and obstructions
  • Avoid the potential hazards of protruding into road traffic zones
  • Ideal for councils/shires and roadside slashing contractors
  • Centre to left over all ‘shift’ dimension - 1.95mt
  • Centre to right over all ‘shift’ dimension - 1.65mt
Suitable for tractors 90 to 140 PTO horsepower, the VHF Side-Shift Public Works Slasher from Gason is ideal for where manoeuvring around objects is usually a constant hassle.
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