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Range of tillers from Gason
19.11.2012 - Gason's range of tillers gives farmers the chance to purchase a machine best suited to meeting their overall requirements.
Liquid air seeders from Gason
13.11.2012 - Both the 2120 and 2150 models of liquid air seeders from Gason feature a 5000 litre UV tabilised polyethylene tank along with middle and rear steel bins for granular products.
Features and benefits of the Gason Spreader
17.10.2012 - The Gason spreader specialises in accurately spreading a variety of materials from urea to chicken litter.
2120 and 2150 Liquid Air Seeders from Gason
23.03.2012 - 2120 and 2150 Liquid Air Seeders from Gason are liquid equipped models that feature robust dual compartment 5000 litre UV stabilized polyethylene tanks.
Gason keeps ahead of the game with its investment in R&D
23.11.2011 - Gason attributes its success to investment in its ongoing research and development program, taking advantage of the latest technologies.
A.F. Gason announce acquisition of Chris Grow Engineering
10.08.2010 - Well known mower and slaher designers, Chris Grow Engineering have been acquired by A.F. Gason.
Gason provide after sales service and spare parts for farming and agricultural machinery
17.12.2009 - Gason provide quality farm machinery and equipment to the farming and agriculture industry in Australia, as well as offering a variety of spare parts and after sales service to avoid costly and time c
Gason Rolls Out New ‘Bulked up' Air Seeder.
17.08.2006 - Grain and cereal growers in the market for top capacity and more efficient metering will be heading for the Gason stand at major field days.
Controlled Traffic Models go to Three Meters
17.08.2006 - The Gason Design Review Team have long recognised that in many Australian cropping districts, soil compaction by large machinery can be a major problem
Side Release for Simpler Operation, Faster Changeover
17.08.2006 - Gason air seeders have always enjoyed a reputation for rugged strength, reliability, accuracy and ease of adjustment.
Easier, Faster, Surer Sowing and Fertilising for Lock Grain Growers
17.08.2006 - “Our New Gason 2120 air seeder makes it easy to change seed varieties in just a couple of minutes plus precision adjustments for adding fertiliser. It's just so much easier to work with.”
Gason Launches Sixty Foot Tillage Giant
17.08.2006 - Leading Australian tillage and air seeding manufacturer AF Gason has launched a massive new five-section 18m (60ft) plus Scaritill/hydratill cultivator bar on the Australian market.
New Gason hydraTILL Sowing Assembly Targets Precision Growers
17.08.2006 - Tillage and air seeder specialist Gason has released for its hydraTILL cultivator bar range a new parallelogram seeding assembly that targets grain and cereal producers requiring world-class precision
Advanced Air Seeder Calibration Slashes Fertiliser Cost
17.08.2006 - After Just one season using a Gason 1880RT air seeder, grain grower Dean Griffiths, of “Carolaen” near Donald in Victoria has reported significant savings in his cropping program cost inputs.
Easy Rolling and Tight Tracking? Wonwondah Brothers Bank on Gason.
17.08.2006 - “The New Gason 1880 series 8200 litre air seeder helps us keep our wheels rolling when it's time to go sowing. That's where the money is … in getting seed into the ground.”
Gason Air Seeder Goes the Distance at Goondiwindi
17.08.2006 - Goondiwindi based broadacre contractors and croppers Brian and Mark Spink have wasted no time putting their new Gason 1880RT air seeder to work.
Growth Curve Continues for the Big Country Airseeder and Tillage Team
17.08.2006 - A four year rolling sales boom and projected growth are underpinning continuing investment in new manufacturing space at AF Gason Pty Ltd's airseeder and tillage plant at Ararat in Western Victoria.
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