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Swing gates and rural solar kits from Gatesplus

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Gatesplus  offers gates for the commercial, residential and rural sectors. For the commercial sector, Gatesplus provides boom gates, swing gates, sliding gates, speed humps, traffic lights and pedestrian mirrors. Parkland swing gates are also available from Gatesplus. These gates keep customers out of the workshop during daytime. During the nights these gates offer protection against ramp raids.

Swing gates from Gatesplus have barbed wire which prevent trespassers from scaling over the top. These wires also act as an alarm when they are triggered. When triggered, this system also enables flood lighting features. Ground bolts are other features of these swing gates that prevent ramming of the gate. 

Swing gates offered by Gatesplus have a linear gate motor, a control box which is located in the building, a keypad for authorised entry and a gate timer for controlled opening and closure of the gate. Hinges are also present but these are concealed away from the gate.

Gatesplus offers rural solar kits as well. The solar swing kit features a heavy duty gate motor. This is designed for swing gates and the kit consists of a self-locking ability at any position. Anti-crash sensors and batter backup are other features of this product.

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