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Timber gates and electrical bollards offered by Gatesplus

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Gatesplus  manufactures steel fencing, sliding gates, swinging gates and so on. This company is also a reseller of intercom systems, boom gates, solar gate motors and gate motors. In addition Gatesplus also provides on site repair service for gates. The products from Gatesplus are categorised into commercial, residential and rural products.

Under residential gates Gatesplus offers swing gates, timber gates, sliding gates, Colourbond gates and special design gates. Single gates, gate hardware and motor and electrical bollards are also available under this product category.

Timber gates from Gatesplus are made of timber which is sourced from harvested forests. The timbers used by Gatesplus include western red cedar, Tasmania oak and western Australian Jarrah. These gates have a galavanised frame with timber cladding. Full timber frames are also available from Gatesplus. These gates have an option of an electric opener. Gatesplus also provides the repair service for these gates.

Gatesplus offers full automated electrical bollards. These are electro-hydraulic and are also retractable. This bollard is remote controlled and is easy to install. The bollards from Gatesplus are made of steel which is rust proof.

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