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The Deloraine Downs 5/03 Twin ram Geejay attained an early growth and presently weighs around 135 kilograms. The Deloraine Downs Twin ram achieved the second place in the Yaralla Trophy Class Bendigo 04' and a fifth place in the Bare Shorn Pair's Melbourne Royal 04' shows. The Deloraine Downs Twin ram has muscle depth, muscle width and fat of 50, 98 and 8 respectively.

The Geejay 55/98 ram from Geejay was sired by Hilden 71/92 and has bred a good line of ewes. The Geejay ram was rated the first in Hamltion 98' and achieved the ‘1st + Champion Ram Lamb’ in Wimmera Mallee Horsham 98' and Wimmera Mallee Hopetoun 99' shows.

The Geejay 5/02 Twin ram from Geejay was sired by Redman 39/99. The Geejay Twin ram has sired top lambs in its first year. The ram achieved the 1st Ram Lamb Hamilton 02' and the 1st + Champion Ram Lamb Wimmera Mallee Swan Hill 02' titles.

Geejay started the stud in the year 1980 and specialises in producing stud rams and ewes which are supplied to commercial breeders. Geejay sold stud rams, flock rams and ewes at the second annual sale held on September 2007.

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